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Houston (TX) Officer Dead, Another Wounded While Serving Warrant

"This has been a tragic day today. It is another reminder that police work is inherently dangerous."

Suspect in Killings of Houston, TX, Family Kills Himself

A specific motive has not been determined in the shooting of the family.

Four Shot Dead in Dubious Houston, TX, House Fire

The dead were adults in their 50s and children who were apparently in the 10 to 13 age range.

Man Locks Girlfriend, Her 2-Year-Old in Burning Apartment, Flees

The boyfriend allegedly locked them in the bedroom and fled, officials said, but firefighters were able to rescue them.

Houston, TX, House Fire Erupts After Woman Douses Man with Liquid, Ignites Him

One of the victims told police a woman entered the home Friday night, doused him with an unknown liquid, and set him on fire.

Houston Motel Shooting Leaves Three Dead, Including Gunman

A man, believed to be about 35 years old, killed two people then opened fire from the motel balcony on officers who were responding.

LODD Anniversary: Houston Southwest Inn Fire

Review lessons learned on the anniversary of a commercial structure fire that claimed four firefighters and injured several others.

Houston 18 First In

Houston Tower and Engine 18 at work on a house fire.

Revived Overdose Patient Threatens Houston Firefighters with Rifle

When the man came to he reportedly became agitated and threatened the firefighters with a rifle.

Houston Ladder 51 Roof Vent

Houston house fire helmet cam video helps explain the importance of size-up for roof ventilation.


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