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Wichita Firefighters Save One of Their Own at House Fire

Two firefighters carried him out of the home within 20 seconds, but he had no pulse and wasn't breathing.

Harrisburg Tiller Cam

Multiple calls of a fire and a report of a person trapped on the second floor.

Close Call after Venting the Roof in California

Watch this roof collapse during a house fire in San Bernardino County.

Mayday at Connecticut House Fire, Firefighters Fall Through Floor

During firefighting operations two firefighters on the second floor fell through the floor and a mayday was called.

East St. Louis Firefighters Rescue Woman in House Fire

East St. Louis firefighters rescued a woman from her burning home on South 14th Street.

Initial Attack on an Abandoned Building in Stockton

Crews arrived on scene to a single-story, abandoned building with heavy fire showing from the Alpha side.

Venting at a Brooklyn, Ohio House Fire

Watch firefighters arrive at a house fire on Traymore Avenue and go to work.

Corona, California House Fire

Upon arrival Engine 2 found a well-involved garage fire that had extended into the living space.

Wichita Working Basement Fire

Watch Wichita firefighters arrive at a working house fire.

Three Dead in Ohio House Fire

"The parents and one of the children made it out, they advised us there were still victims inside."


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