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Two Louisville (KY) Fire Department Firefighters Fall Through Floor at Housefire

Both firefighters were evaluated and did not sustain any major injuries, and then they went right back to work.

Body Cam Video Shows Washington D.C. Police Rescuing Residents from House Fire

Officers from DC's 4th District had already rescued residents from the home on Rittenhouse Street NW just before the arrival of DC Fire and EMS.

Doctor: Grandmother Pulled from 2018 IN Fire Was Smothered Before Death

Blanching on Booth Walker's nose and face were evidence she was smothered before her death.

Suspect in Killings of Houston, TX, Family Kills Himself

A specific motive has not been determined in the shooting of the family.

Eight People Displaced from Six Homes After House Fire Spreads to Several Odenton, MD,...

Sixty firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire around 4:45 p.m. Monday.

Two Dead in Oneida County, NY, House Fire

"A hard fought house fire with an outcome that no department likes," the department wrote on Facebook.

Four Shot Dead in Dubious Houston, TX, House Fire

The dead were adults in their 50s and children who were apparently in the 10 to 13 age range.
Fire Department of New York (FDNY)

Fatal Queens (NY) House Fire Started by Charging Moped Battery

Officials say it was the third fatal fire of the year caused by people charging batteries for electric vehicles indoors.

One Dead as Fire Engulfs Home Near Smith Lake, WA

More than 20 Lacey firefighters and six from the Olympia and East Olympia fire departments got the fire under control in about 35 minutes.


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