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Fire Officials Investigate Hose Failure Injuring Cedar Rapids Firefighters

Officials are working with the hose manufacturer, the fire engine data module, and firefighter interviews.

How to Pull the Metro Pack Hose Load

Engine company training with Orange County Fire Authority on the deployment of the Metro Pack.

The Bumper Line

One department’s training on packing a deploying the bumper line.

Glendale, California Gasner Pack Deployment

Initial attack hoseline training.

Splitting Cars

Getting the working length past parked vehicles.

How to Improvise a Cleveland or Coil Load for Standpipe Operations

This procedure may be necessary when the length of a hallway is insufficient to fully stretch hose for standpipe operations.

Helmet Cam: Escambia County, FL Squad 3 First In

Take in this Florida house fire from the view of the nozzle firefighter.

Size-Up & Initial Stretch at Ronkonkoma, NY House Fire

Size-up and initial report training with this pre-arrival video of a house fire in Ronkonkoma, New York.

Graffiti Training: Fire Behavior and Fire Streams

Brian Brush shares fire behavior and fire stream lessons in a unique visual class.

2 ½” Hose Management with Aurora Fire Rescue

Techniques for advancing and flowing 2 1/2-inch hose lines.


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