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Remembering One Meridian Plaza

The fire claimed the lives of three Philadelphia firefighters and gutted eight floors of a 38-story fire-resistive building.

VES at Harlem High-Rise Fire

Fire in apartment 7B on the seventh floor of a 20-story fireproof multiple dwelling.

New Kensington, PA High-Rise Fire

Fire on the second-floor in New Kensington.

At Least 10 Hurt in Explosion at Baltimore High-Rise

Trapped workers rescued in downtown Baltimore.

LODD Anniversary: FDNY Vandalia Avenue Fire

The wind pushed the fire and extreme heat in the apartment into the hallway, and a flashover occurred, exposing the victims to extreme radiant heat.

One Dead in Pennsylvania High-Rise Fire

One person is dead following a fire that ripped through the top floor of a high-rise apartment building in Tamaqua.

FDNY Engine Company 74’s Mascot “JT”

Taking in a report of a fire on the fifth floor.

Fire Out the Windows in Manhattan

FDNY Response Videos on the scene of a two-alarm fire at Box 1123.

FDNY Responds to Unsecured Crane at Manhattan High-Rise

We quickly sent Rescue Company 1 into the building to make an assessment, and we started to immediately clear the streets to get everybody away from the danger.

LODD Anniversary: High-Rise Fire Claims Texas Captain

Crews made immediate entry and attack, but after running low on air the victim and the other Captain decided to exit.


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