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Charlotte firefighter dangling with patient over city streets in high-angle rescue

High-Angle Rescue Has Charlotte (NC) Firefighter, Patient Hanging 40 Stories Above Streets

A high-angle rescue was staged over uptown Charlotte after a construction worker was injured atop a skyscraper.

From Tactical to Practical: The Fire Investigation Team at High-Rise Fires

July 19, 2021 | 1 PM EDT: This webcast highlights the important functions of the Fire Investigation Team (FIT) during the first few crucial minutes of a high-rise incident, which will undoubtedly set the tone for the entire incident. The FIT becomes the incident commander’s (IC’s) “eyes and ears.” The instructor walks you through the front door of a high-rise building and methodically works your way up to the fire floor.

Girl Jumps from Sixth Floor to Escape Bronx Fire

Seven firefighters hurt in Bronx fire where girl jumps from the sixth floor.

Rooftop Fire at Maryland High-Rise

A two-alarm fire atop a 15-story high-rise apartment complex in Bethesda.

Rescue, Shelter in Place at Manhattan High-Rise Fire

The occupant of 18C is sheltering in place on the balcony with members.

Videos: Midtown Manhattan Penthouse Fire

Fire in the walls of a penthouse on the 16th floor.

From the Firehouse to the Fire Floor: Critical Initial Assignments in a High-Rise Firefight

April 8: Fighting fires in high-rise buildings is dangerous and labor intensive; thus, incident commanders must have a well-established plan that has been proven through training.

Remembering One Meridian Plaza

The fire claimed the lives of three Philadelphia firefighters and gutted eight floors of a 38-story fire-resistive building.

VES at Harlem High-Rise Fire

Fire in apartment 7B on the seventh floor of a 20-story fireproof multiple dwelling.

New Kensington, PA High-Rise Fire

Fire on the second-floor in New Kensington.


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