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Stockton Engine and Truck, House Fire Views

See the fireground from the views of the second-due engine and first-due truck.

Harrisburg Helmet Cam: House Fire, Person Trapped

See Harrisburg firefighters go to work on a house fire and reports of people trapped.

Trench and Rope Rescue at Colorado Construction Site

Technical rescue work for South Metro firefighters in Parker.

Rescue on Harrisburg Helmet Cam

Watch firefighters rescue a person from a rear second floor bedroom.

Video: Texas Firefighters Rescue Two from Burning Home

Katy house fire rescues caught on helmet cam.

Split View: Rescue in Harrisburg

Watch as firefighters rescue a person trapped on the second floor.

Houston Apartment Fire Helmet Cam

Make the attack with Engine 82.

Vertical Ventilation in Wichita

Opening up at a house fire.

Harrisburg Helmet Cam Split Views

View a row house fire from the perspective of the engine company officer and nozzle firefighter.

Stockton: Fire Attack & Door Control

Be on the line with Engine 12 at this fire.


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