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First-In Challenges

Apartment fire helmet cam video along with a discussion about challenges from the first-in engine company officer.

Oakland Engine Company 18 at Work

Be on the nozzle with Engine Company 18 at this fire in Oakland.

York County, Pennsylvania Helmet Cam

Be the nozzleman on this house fire in Pennsylvania.

Florida Apartment Fire Helmet Cam

Firefighters battle an apartment fire in Escambia County.

Michigan Burger King Roof Fire

Firefighters in Warren fight a roof fire in this helmet cam video.

Houston 18 First In

Houston Tower and Engine 18 at work on a house fire.

Martinsville, NJ Two-Alarm Fire

Bound Brook Squad 23 at work on a two-alarm house fire in Martinsville, New Jersey.

Fire in the Hole!

Even the "bread and butter" fires have take-aways.

Sacramento Helmet Cam

Mask up and go to work on this apartment fire in Sacramento, California.

Searching with Wichita Rescue 1

Wichita Rescue 1 members searching on well-involved house fire on the city's southside.


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