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Rescue task force members

Surfside Collapse Highlights Importance of Mental Wellness Resources

Dr. Kellie O'Dare on the mental health response for rescuers at the Surfside (FL) collapse.
Lavender Ribbon Report Update

IAFC-VCOS, NVFC Release Lavender Ribbon Report Update to Reduce Occupational Cancer Risks

This update to the Lavender Ribbon Report provides 11 best practices for reducing exposure risks and preventing occupationally caused cancer in firefighters.
FDNY Shield

Report: Majority of FDNY Acquired Long-Term Illness from Sept. 11

About three-quarters of workers who responded to the Sept. 11 terror attacks have some sort of long-term illness linked to their service.

NIOSH: Sudden Cardiac Event Claims Illinois Firefighter at Home after Shift

Autopsy findings included cardiomegaly, biventricular myocardial thickening, and left ventricular dilation. Two main arteries had calcified atherosclerotic plaque. The left anterior descending artery had significant stenosis.

Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths: Wellness Counts!

By implementing preventive strategies such as risk screening, exercise training, and sleep hygiene, we can reduce LODDs.

NIOSH: New Jersey Firefighter Suffers Seizure, Cardiac Arrest During Training

The firefighter's past medical history was significant for epilepsy and smoking.

NIOSH: Michigan Firefighter Suffers Heart Attack After Two Fires

The firefighter admitted that he was nauseous, had a tingling sensation in his arm, and had chest pain.

Performance Under Pressure: Building a Reality-Based Training Program

Dec. 3, 2020: Athletes, military, and law enforcement have been using Reality-Based Training to train the body and mind for performance for decades.

USFA: Indiana On-Duty Death

Indianapolis Engineer complained of chest pains.

AHA: Firefighting Raises Risk of AFib

Researchers found the more fires fought, the higher the likelihood he or she would report having been diagnosed with AFib.


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