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FRM June 2021

We Know How Fire Works, Why Not Our Students?

If recruit schools are measured in months, why are instructor education classes measured in weeks?

Your Social Media Account: Dress for Success

Society relies on social media for up-to-date information. By putting your information out on social media, your residents are getting it straight from the source.

Training: More Than Checking the Box

Assessments of the fire department attitude toward training should be ongoing. Training should be part of the fire department “culture” as well as daily expectations rather than an occasional occurrence.

The Young Volunteer Fire Officer

Some may say that having young volunteer fire officers is a disadvantage; some say that it is an advantage. Whatever the opinion, it is imperative for a young fire officer to understand how to handle the trials and tribulations associated with the position.

Sharing Your TI Knowledge

How can you work more closely with other agencies in your community to share your thermal imaging knowledge for other applications?


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