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Los Angeles Firefighters Caught in Collapse

At least one firefighter was injured during a fire in an abandoned building.

Fire on Bronx Factory Roof

Watch firefighters open up this factory at Bronx Box 2151.

First-Due with Tulsa Engine 16

Watch as firefighters force entry and attack the fire.

Videos: Queens Four-Alarm Fire

Smoke was banked down in the street as companies arrived at Queens Box 4464.

Truck Work at Downtown Los Angeles Fire

Opening up, throwing ladders, and more at this commercial structure fire in Los Angeles.

D.C. Buildings Board Up in Preparation for Election Day Vandalism, Violence

Demonstrators are gearing up for potential violence, especially after June, when Trump used federal law enforcement to clear the plaza outside the White House that had been filled with peaceful protesters.

Rescue at Bryan, Texas Fire

Bryan Police Officer Marshal Field says when he arrived he could hear someone yelling from the house that they were trapped.

Camden Three-Alarm Fire

See initial operations at this three-alarm fire on Mount Ephraim Avenue in Camden, New Jersey.

Window Bars Highlighted in Deadly Mississippi Fire

Burglar bars could be seen in the windows or, in some cases, on the lawn. It was not immediately known if they had hindered escapes from the fire.

LAFD Structure Fire

Homeowner tries to direct firefighters at a house fire.


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