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Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting Revealed Need for First Responder Training and Support

The chaos left lingering trauma and led local agencies to reexamine the services and preparation available to local rescuers.

Miami-Dade HazMat Walk-Around

A walk-around of the new hazmat from SVI on a Sutphen Monarch chassis.

Florida Man Arrested after Hitting Fire Engine with Baseball Bat

Video shows a man striking the front windshield of a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue fire engine with a baseball bat, cracking the glass.

Body Mounting Miami Dade’s HazMat Heavy Rescue

Watch as this big, bright heavy rescue comes together.

Florida Apartment Fire Helmet Cam

Firefighters battle an apartment fire in Escambia County.

Two Dead, Over 20 Wounded in Florida Banquet Hall Shooting

The gunfire erupted early Sunday at the El Mula Banquet Hall in northwest Miami-Dade County.

Four Dead in Florida Firefighting Helicopter Crash

No survivors found after a firefighting helicopter crashes during training in Leesburg, Florida.

St. Augustine Fire Department’s New E-ONE Typhoon Pumper

St. Augustine Fire Department needed a fire truck with a tight wheel base, amazing maneuverability and turning radius and overall low travel height.

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Rescued in Florida House Fire

The call came from the 63-year-old homeowner, who is confined to a wheelchair. She reported her bedroom was on fire and she was unable to get out.

Marion County, Florida’s New, Modified E-ONE Typhoon Engine

A challenging build to fit into a historic firehouse.


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