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FireRescue Magazine: Firefighter Health and Safety: Something to Make You Think

It is up to us to be vigilant when it comes to keeping ourselves safe.

FireRescue Magazine: The High Cost of Treating Cancer

A number of factors can determine just how severe a patient’s financial toxicity is, such as the type of cancer, the course of treatment required, age, race, and income.

FireRescue Magazine: Fireground Basic Size-Up for the First-Due Engine

One of the most stressful roles in the fire service is being an officer of the first-arriving fire company at a structure fire.

FireRescue Magazine: The Cowboy State Saddles Up to Community Risk Reduction

Starting in January 2017, the Wyoming State Fire Marshal began focused effort to increase National Fire Incident Report System (NFIRS) reports from Wyoming fire stations.

FireRescue Magazine: Fight or Flight: The Enemy of Critical Thinking

The accumulating cortisol shuts down the prefrontal cortex–in other words, critical thinking gets hijacked, resulting in thoughts that tend to be irrational and illogical.

FireRescue Magazine: Writing the Report

As much as we dislike the duty, we must make sure to write factual, defensible, and accurate reports that clearly describe our actions and provide sufficient detail to stimulate our memory months or even years later.

FireRescue Magazine: Did I Wake You?

Before you hit the send button on a social media post, ask yourself if your customers will want this information.

MGM Grand Hotel Fire Anniversary

“When we turned to walk back to the north entrance, it only took us approximately 12 seconds, the smoke was now down within approximately four feet of the floor."

FireRescue Magazine: Building an Engine Ready to Work

The greatest area we can improve is from our zero-impact time, which is the time from the parking brake to water on the fire.

Terror and Crisis Situations

Consider the possibilities if responding units on scene can be involved in secondary acts and scenarios.


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