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Industrial and Environmental Fire Situations Need a Thermal Imager

Early detection before the fire can really set itself deep within the “hog fuel” pile is the first step.

Leading Through Positive Message Delivery

People do not like to be told how to act, but if we provide them with a positive environment, they will find pride and motivation through their own purpose and why.

Radio Communications: Straight Talk or Just Chatter

While new technology is important, it's meaningless if it doesn't work or you have poor radio communication habits.

Stoicism and the Art of Fighting Fire

The stoic does not overreact but, with practice, traditionally challenging responses become instinctual and habitual.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Although firefighters “state” their priorities are work, family and good health, they are beginning to recognize their day-to-day behaviors do not support their priorities in life.

Lines Off, Ladders Up: A Training Approach for Successful Fireground Operations

How can firefighters expect building occupants to take fire alarms seriously if they give occupants the impression that they don’t?

Perception Is Reality

What is the perception of your fire department within your community?

The High Cost of Low-Fidelity Leadership

One of the most valuable tools for a high-fidelity leader to use in personal development is the 360 evaluation.

The Only “Wrong” Is Not Speaking Up

Fear of repercussions and shame kept me from sharing my story, but I did not quit. I am no longer ashamed.

Setting Up Your In-House Thermal Imaging Training

Don’t overcomplicate your in-house training program; make it fun yet challenging.


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