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How To Prevent The “White Hat Syndrome”

Have you ever emerged from a structural fire wondering how hot you are?

Consider the Children

You are the place your community thinks of when looking for information on their car seats. They would much rather come to your firehouse than any other choice available.

Officer Preparation: The Candidate and the Department

The aspiring officer has to be willing to step up, and the department has to serve as the guardian or mentor.

Considerations of the First-Due Engine Company Nozzleman

It takes training, discipline, and attention to detail, but when all this is accomplished, you are set up for success in one of the best spots on the fireground.

Thermal Imagers: Not Just for the Crews

The job can certainly be overwhelming, but providing the most accurate, timely, and reliable information possible is the backbone of most good fireground decisions, and a thermal imager (TI) can help with that.

The Four Warning Signs of Flashover

As a firefighter, it will be a constant struggle to work at your skills in reading flashovers.

From Widow to Wounded Warrior

This is not the life I anticipated when I married my firefighter, but this is the life I have.

What If I Told You That Your Bunker Gear Was Causing Cancer?

These particular PFAS have been linked to thyroid disease, hypertension, immunosuppression, kidney cancer, and testicular cancer.

Standing in the Gap

Training the mind requires more than realistic scenarios.

The Assessment Center

The time to prepare for a promotion is not once the job announcement is published but long before.


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