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Learning From Others’ Experiences

What if the next time the video is of your fire department, and you must explain your actions?

Talk to YOUR Audience

It is good to have people who follow you and will give you honest feedback if they don’t understand what you have posted.

Being Successful in the Fire Service

Those who struggle fail to invest in changing the behaviors that hold them back from success.

Seek Failure

As a profession, we need to make allowance for failures because if we don’t, we are creating an environment that will promote inaction.

Look How Far We Have Come

The selection process for a TI is not an easy or a simple task.

Thermal Imagers Are Not Without Risks

The most common mistake firefighters make when using a TI is thinking it’s okay to stand or walk in an unsafe environment.

Realistic Training and Setting Standards

What is going to be expected of your members when the time comes to perform?

Volunteer Shortage

If we aren’t critical about ourselves, no one will be until there’s a loss of civilian lives, a catastrophic fire, or even a line-of-duty death.

Organized Chaos and Improbability

We are only human, and we tend to go with better odds. Create your better odds every day.

What If I Told You Your Gear Was Causing Cancer? Part 2

What if we find that our bunker gear not only has PFAS chemicals in it but they can affect us and we have been doing nothing about it?


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