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Sharpen Your TIC Skills

TIs are only as effective as the end-user’s interpretation or misinterpretation of the image. To an inexperienced eye, the best technology can be useless or possibly fatal.

Hey, Chief, Are We Training Them for Failure?

Meeting the minimum standard is not going to keep you and your department out of trouble.

2020: The Lost Year

What was lost and missing during 2020 is now replaced with the desire to train, train harder, and train more often--not just for our newest members.

Taking the Long View

Being everything for everybody is fiscally impossible, and--let's be honest--the fire department doesn't need to try to do it all.

Keeping it Simple

Unnecessary noise that does not or should not affect your ability to be a firefighter should be recognized and questioned if it fits in the scope of accomplishing the mission.

What’s Your Deployment Plan?

Deploying four TIs speeds up the entire crew and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

Keeping Leadership ALIVE

Every boss you had, good or bad, is a learning opportunity.

My Journey Fighting Fires and Type 1 Diabetes

I wanted to be able to perform at my best without the fear of falling down and needing to adjust my blood sugar levels.

Applying Gagne’s Nine Levels of Learning in the Training Classroom

Improve learning outcomes and ensure a greater retention of knowledge and skills.

The Thing They Don’t Tell You About a Dead Body

It was surreal, the way the two of us were having a casual conversation while attempting to revive a human being.


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