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Terror and Crisis Situations

Consider the possibilities if responding units on scene can be involved in secondary acts and scenarios.

Combating Terror Together

Planning, training, and exercising together will be crucial as our adversaries continue to look for simple, effective strategies to create terror.

Firefighters Fighting Terrorism…

Are you planning to handle the terror events as if your own kids, family, and loved ones were the victims?

Engine Company Emergencies

As engine companies stretch and operate hoselines, success is totally dependent on the officer, crew members, and their ability to function as part of a team. Through proper training and operation of hoselines in training situations, skill mastery can be developed.

Investigating Strange Odors

It may sound funny, or even a little annoying, to be dispatched to a residence for a strange odor that turns out to be burnt popcorn or a persistent skunk, but strange odor calls must be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Greg Jakubowksi discusses the search process for calls of this nature, and provides search tips on where to look and possible odor sources.

How to Deal with Angry Citizens

It's inevitable that you'll be confronted by customers irate at the latest fire department action. Here's how to diffuse the conflict & stay safe.


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