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Fire Burns Section of Superdome Roof in New Orleans (LA)

New Orleans firefighters responded to a fire that burned part of the roof at the Caesars Superdome.

VIDEO: FDNY at Brooklyn Structure Fire

The fire was above a commercial laundry equipment store in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Two Louisville (KY) Fire Department Firefighters Fall Through Floor at Housefire

Both firefighters were evaluated and did not sustain any major injuries, and then they went right back to work.

Firefighters Contain Wildfire at Resort Near Athens, Greece

More than 150 firefighters and volunteers battled through the night.

Beachie Creek (OR) Fire Aftermath Highlights Need for PTSD, Mental Health Focus

PTSD and mental health in general in the industry is something every department needs to address.

MA Firefighters Livid Over Decision to Continue Use of PFAS in PPE

The decision means that cancer-causing chemicals will remain virtually required in PPE.

Columbia Richland (SC) Fire Department Loses Two Members to COVID-19 Within 48 Hours

Both members had been with the department since the late '90s.

Fire Crews Struggling to Save CA Giant Sequoias

The fire didn’t grow significantly Thursday as a layer of smoke reduced its spread in the morning.

Severely Burned Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department Captain Files Lawsuit

Victor Aguirre and his wife filed suit against property owner Steve Sungho Lee and the operators of Green Buddha and Smoke Tokes.

VIDEO: Atoka (OK) FD Helps Reba McEntire Out of Second-Floor Window After Stairs Collapse

She was in town checking out the 100-plus-year-old building for a potential project.


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