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Retired Firefighter Killed in Botched Robbery Recalled as a Pillar of the Community

Wallace "Wally" Broadnax, 70, was a "quiet leader" whose death will affect many people, said Chuck Hughes, Broadnax's lifelong friend and CEO of the Gary Chamber of Commerce.
Daytona Beach Fire Department

Daytona Beach’s First Black Female Firefighter to be Honored

Alicia Shepard never set out to be a trailblazer. She has just always wanted to fight fires and help people.
Still from the video.

Activist Says Akron Firefighter Sprayed Him While Filming at Crime Scene

An Akron firefighter is under scrutiny after an area activist said he was sprayed with a hose while filming a crime scene.

Fire on All Floors in Manhattan

FDNY Response Videos on the scene at Box 437.


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