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Lessons Learned: Loudoun County, Virginia’s Meadowood Court Fire

"I've got firefighters diving out the rear of the structure."

Fire Ventilation and Flow Path Control

Reick, a regional fire chief in Germany, looks the differences in how Europe studies flow paths and ventilation as well as LODDs compared to their US counterparts.

LODD Anniversary: Virginia Firefighter Killed in Wind Driven Fire

With protection from hose lines, several attempts were made by the engine and rescue company crews to reach the second floor.

LODD Anniversary: Boston Back Bay Fire Tragedy

“We have a four-story with smoke showing from the first floor. Engine 33 is stretching a 1¾-inch hoseline in the front doorway.”

Mayday in Chicago, Six Firefighters Hurt

Video from the scene showed one firefighter jumping from the roof of one building.

LAFD Boyd Street Incident

Firefighter Jacob Gonzalez talks about the explosion that injured 11 firefighters.

LODD Anniversary: Maryland Firefighter Caught in Rapid Fire Event

Conditions at the time of entry for the search crew indicated that the fire was under control.

FDNY Exterior Fire Control

Specific uses of exterior water streams and the importance of fireground communication and coordination.

Fire Dynamics in a Two-Story Duplex

The critical event was the on-set of flashover conditions in the kitchen, where the fire began.
Ryan Lamping, William Carey, Limestone Fire Department, and Samuel Hittle photo

Discussing Fire Research & Fireground Tactics

Changes some departments have made based on previous research.


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