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Striving for Mediocrity: The Paralyzing Agent of the Fire Service

If your organization has not encountered this shift yet, consider yourself fortunate, but plan accordingly.

New Orleans Fire, EMS Officials Face Difficult Times with Planned Budget Cuts

Interim fire department superintendent says technology and training will be used to keep up with current response times.

Five Wisconsin Towns Vote to Increase Funding to Support Local Fire and EMS

Communities agree to exceed levy limits to help struggling fire departments.

Council Approves Nearly $1M in New Rigs for Texas Fire Department

The council approved allocating $274,000 toward the purchase of a new 2020 Frazer Type 1 Ambulance for the fire department.

No Federal Relief Leaves States, Cities Facing Big Deficits

The negotiation meltdown raises the prospect of more layoffs and furloughs of government workers and cuts to health care, social services, infrastructure and other core programs.


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