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Female Firefighters Fight Discrimination with Lawsuits

Lawsuits tend to be the only recourse for female firefighters to fight discrimination, harassment, and hostility.

Health and Wellness for Women in the Fire Service

March 19: This webcast is based on the U.S. Fire Administration study “Emerging Issues for Women in the Fire Service.”

Historic Moment For New York Volunteer Fire Company

Symington joined the fire department after a presentation at her high school.

Jackie Lindsey Becomes Santa Fe County’s First Female Fire Chief

Lindsey is currently on the FEMA National Advisory Council.

Philadelphia Promotes First Black Female Battalion Chief in Department History

"Don’t ever let anybody tell you can’t do anything. You determine your own destiny."

Family Searches for Answers after Illinois Firefighter’s Suicide

27-year-old Hinsdale firefighter died by suicide Tuesday.


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