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Slow The Game Down

One firefighter used to say, “Why should I get excited, I didn’t set the fire.” There is some wisdom in that statement.

This One Heart Test Might Save Your Life

I went to work and asked every firefighter I came in contact with if they had heard of this test. Nobody had. Zero.

Illinois Squad Dedicated to Retired Deputy, FDIC Instructor, and Fire Engineering Contributor

Chief Stott was not only the lead building this vehicle, but also on bringing the “FDNY Rescue” concept to Illinois.

COVID-19: Emergency Management Lessons Learned

We have developed and strengthened relationships that will carry us beyond the Coronavirus pandemic and into the future, making us bigger, better and stronger than ever before.

Create Opportunities

This impromptu rope-assisted search drill was conducted within fifteen minutes, after clearing from a fire alarm.

Do Your Due

Do what is good for the entire fireground and our public, not what you want to do.

What History Can Teach Us Today

The horrible event in my hometown instilled a desire to never allow that to happen on my watch.

Vigilance in the New World

When the bell rings, and we head out the door, be ready. Be prepared to work. Remember, we are here for THEM.

Social Media During a National Emergency

You are a trusted source and your information is now more important than ever.

Lessons from the Outside

By sharing these with future generations, we can leave the job a little better than we found it.


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