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The Anatomy of Building Construction

It all starts in the street; diligent, consistent and intrusive observations, and discussions following the stages of construction.

Keeping an After Action Review from Going Wrong

They NEVER refer to each other by name or call sign. It’s always third person like “the lead fighter” or the “wing fighter”. This is a great way to keep egos in check.

Yesterday’s Building Fires for Today’s Streets and Buildings

Aesthetic design changes (non-structural and non-functional) to facades, perimeter walls, features or design elements may create operational challenges, increased risks as well as a false sense of integrity or diminished importance, decreased risk or focused attention.

Self-Care: The Systemic Work-Life Balance and Mental Health Secret

The research overwhelmingly demonstrates that healthy, sustainable behaviors of proper diet, exercise, sleep, positive relationships, and meditation or prayer promote a healthy physical, psychological, social, and spiritual fitness that is beneficial to the individual, family, crew and employer.

Hazmat Instructors Teach Clues to Save Lives

In the more than two decades the CDP has been offering hazmat curriculum, it’s developed a program which takes responders from basic awareness to advanced knowledge, while enhancing their confidence through realistic training exercises involving toxic chemical agents and biological materials.

Engage Your Retirees: Start an Emeritus Program

Retirees can be a great cheerleader to the department and offer great benefits when it comes to dealing with the public, municipal leadership, and elected officials.

Commentary: What Ever Happened to the Way We Fought Fires?

For them, it wasn’t an option. The situation warranted a rapid attack and to put the fire out.

Brooklyn Black Sunday

Remember this incident occurred in a two-story wood frame dwelling that could be in your district.

Main Street Hazards “Checked Off”

If you get into the facts and study an event like this you will find outstanding work for what some may say was just a foundation save.

Evaluating to Core Values

By evaluating employees against the core values, it allows them to become a living set of principles.


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