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FDIC International 2021: Staying H.O.T.

See some H.O.T. evolution videos and pictures.

FDIC International 2021: Training Videos

FDIC International 2021 is already exceeding expectations in Indianapolis, IN.

Photos: FDIC International 2021 Hands-On Training

H.O.T. Evolutions at FDIC International are something you must experience to fully appreciate.

FDIC International 2021: Sunday

Bobby Halton at FDIC International 2021.

Videos & Photos: FDIC International 2021

Videos and photos from FDIC International 2021.

FDIC International 2021: Saturday

FDIC International 2021 is underway in Indianapolis, IN!

FDIC 2021: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

The public's expectations of volunteer firefighters has evolved in recent years.

FDIC 2021: Busting Through Recruitment and Retention Challenges: Developing Your Game Plan

How can departments cost effectively and successfully recruit and retain volunteer firefighters?

FDIC 2021: Drive to Survive

The class address topics such as vehicle dynamics, air brakes, brake fade, roadway friction coefficients, stopping distances, critical curve speeds, rollover thresholds, anti-lock brakes, hydroplaning, tire blow outs, drunk driving and seat belt use.

FDIC Postponed to August 2021

Read about FDIC International’s 2021 schedule.


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