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Lines, Ladders, Access, Victims

This class emphasizes alternative methods, considering body mechanics and variability in size or age, for techniques to accomplish engine and truck company tasks.

Operations for Newly Promoted Company Officers

Give the newly promoted company officers the leadership skills and confidence to manage their company when responding to alarms.

FDIC Q & A: Mike Dugan

We are losing our heart and soul by making the fire service just a job.

The Search Reformation

A department’s search culture requires a three-level organizational commitment.

FDIC Hands On: Active Shooter Response for the First-Due Company

Get the information to carry the training back to your department.

Proven Truck Tactics That Might Surprise You

Jason Joannides goes over contemporary truck tactics for FDIC 2020.

Respectful Entry: Through-the-Lock and Beyond

Defeating residential and commercial locks in a non-destructive way at FDIC 2020.

Power of One!

Training for the first engine at FDIC 2020 with Battalion Chief Christopher Langlois.

Standpipe Operations with Bill Gustin

Bill Gustin teaches us about standpipes from tactics to supply at FDIC 2020.

Hands On: Man in the Machine

Is your department prepared to handle these incidents?


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