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Statewide Joint Training and Curriculum

Two career chief officers from opposite ends of the state discuss how they received the same training throughout their careers and that despite completion at different times and locations, the uniform training played a critical role when they responded together.

The Challenges of Leadership in a Fire Department

Most firefighters and officers do not get much training and education in these areas.

Tactical Considerations for Volunteer Fire Departments

Prioritizing the fireground based on staffing and equipment at FDIC 2020.

Real World Fireground Operations

Take the lessons from FDIC home.

What’s New at FDIC 2020?

The FDIC Experience is more than your traditional trade show.

10 Commandments for Fires in Places of Worship

There are approximately 1,570 fires in places of worship annually in the United States.

Chief Officers Field Training Program

Learn the numerous vital skills and abilities field chief officers need to be successful.

Analyzing the Impact of Ventilation on Fire Damage Patterns in Full-Scale Structures

At FDIC 2020 the results of experiments that examined the impact changes in ventilation had on fire patterns.

Fireground Considerations

Increase your confidence in your fireground decision making and operate more effectively in this FDIC 2020 class.

Residential Primary Search: Establishing an Aggressive Search Culture

Topics include best practice search skills, executing the search, victim removal including drags, window lifts, and upper-floor removal.


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