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FDIC 2020 Pre-Conference Workshops

Fire for Effect: The Lost Art of Realistic Training

In today's fire service training, we often are faced with having to choose between realism and safety.

High-Rise Firefighting Accomplished Through Battle Planning

The focus is on preparing "Battle Plans" for high-rise fires and other emergencies that are appropriate for the level of conditions you will face on the fire floor.

The Challenges of Leadership in a Fire Department

Most firefighters and officers do not get much training and education in these areas.

Tactical Considerations for Volunteer Fire Departments

Prioritizing the fireground based on staffing and equipment at FDIC 2020.

Chief Officers Field Training Program

Learn the numerous vital skills and abilities field chief officers need to be successful.

Analyzing the Impact of Ventilation on Fire Damage Patterns in Full-Scale Structures

At FDIC 2020 the results of experiments that examined the impact changes in ventilation had on fire patterns.

Operations for Newly Promoted Company Officers

Give the newly promoted company officers the leadership skills and confidence to manage their company when responding to alarms.

Proven Truck Tactics That Might Surprise You

Jason Joannides goes over contemporary truck tactics for FDIC 2020.

Real Reasons Why Volunteers Leave

Dr. Candice McDonald will present strategies to help your recruitment and retention.

Just a Routine House Fire, or Is It?

Battalion Chief Jim Duffy’s FDIC 2020 Pre-Conference Workshop.


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