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Fatal Fire

Three Dead in Erie, PA House Fire

Officials say the fire was reported shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Erie County abode, and the victims have not yet been identified.

Three Dead in Ohio House Fire

"The parents and one of the children made it out, they advised us there were still victims inside."

One Child Dead, Six Others Injured in Rochester House Fire

Crews aggressively searched for the child while battling the fire. A 12 year old boy was found inside by firefighters and removed from the house.

Close Calls at Fresno House Fire

Fresno house fire close calls are a reminder of the fire that almost claimed a captain in 2015.

One Dead in Maryland House Fire

A house fire is under investigation in Prince George's County after a deceased victim was found inside the home upon extinguishing the fire.

One Dead in Seattle Senior Housing Fire

Seattle firefighters responded to a fire in senior housing facility where one person died.

Los Angeles Fatal, Greater Alarm Fire

One person died in a commercial structure fire in Central Alameda.

Three Children Rescued in San Bernardino County House Fire

Firefighters quickly rescued three of the children upstairs who were found to be suffering the effects of smoke inhalation.

Two Children Killed in Chula Vista House Fire

When firefighters arrived, the house was fully involved, with flames showing from the front of the house.

Family Sues New Haven Over Fatal, Illegal Rooming House Fire

One person died in a fire in New Haven, Connecticut where code violations were found months earlier.


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