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Video, Audio of Rescue at Millbourne, Pennsylvania Apartment Fire

Dispatchers work with firefighters for a successful rescue at this Pennsylvania fire.

Somerville, MA Fire and Rescue Audio

Audio from the three plus-alarm fire in Somerville, MA.

Washington D.C. 911 Director Stepping Down

Director Karima Holmes will leave the position after the inauguration.

IamResponding Acquires and Integrates TwoToneDetect

IamResponding.com has acquired TwoToneDetect and integrated an enhanced TwoToneDetect version into its all-inclusive suite of time-saving, online tools for emergency responders.

Texas Dispatcher, Firefighters Save Man in Apartment Fire

A calm dispatcher and a quick response saved Tomball man trapped by fire.

USFA: 911 Guidance for Pandemic Response

Several agencies have published new guidance to support 911 response to COVID-19.

Humpday Hangout: All Things Dispatch

Join Rick Lasky, Terry McGrath, and the group as they discuss those behind the console. We're talking all things Dispatch.

A Day in The Life of a 911 Dispatcher

A behind the scenes tour of a typical day at South Metro Fire Rescue's 911 Communications Center.

Pandemic Overwhelms New York City’s Emergency Services

The Fire Department said it has averaged more than 5,500 ambulance requests each day.

Trapped by Fire in Oklahoma City

Helmet cam footage and 911 audio of dispatchers on the line with two people trapped by fire.


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