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Amarillo Fire Department Updates City on Strategic Plan

A highlight of eight fire department goals.

2020 On-Duty Firefighting Deaths in Detail

While the total of firefighter fatalities was higher, 2020 was another record low in subcategories.

USFA: Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program

ODMAP has embedded analytical functions, customized alerts and allows users to inform themselves and their agencies on local, state, regional, and national suspected overdose trends and patterns.

Fire Service Wins and Losses

To date, the American fire service has not officially collected the number of or means of which civilians are rescued at fires.
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NFPA Seeks Fire Departments for Phase II of Community Risk Assessment Project

CRR is a data-driven process that helps leaders identify high risks to their communities.

February 2020 On-Duty Deaths

The total number of firefighters killed while inside a burning structure stands at three at the end of February.

January 2020 On-Duty Deaths

This is the highest January total in six years.

USFA: Fire in the United States, 2008 – 2017

By 2017 the estimate of fire deaths 19% higher than it was in 2012 but comparable to the estimate in 2007.


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