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IAFC: FEMA Releases Audit-Related Guidance for Entities Receiving COVID-19 Public Assistance Funds

In order to help fire and EMS departments account for reimbursement costs, FEMA has released an Audit-Related Guidance for Entities Receiving FEMA Public Assistance Funds.

South Carolina Firefighter Leaves Hospital After Months-Long COVID Battle

It was Nov. 13 when firefighter Don Johnson was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19.

COVID-19 — Mental Fatigue and EMS Resilience

May 18: Multiple stressors are further aggravating mental fatigue and “burnout” among EMS professionals. This session will describe factors impacting the psychological resilience of the EMS workforce and explore strategies to improve the health and wellness of our community.

COVID Vaccine and Variants: What Does it Mean for EMS?

April 27: This webcast will provide a brief overview of the latest information on safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines available in the US, as well as the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 variants. The presenters will also discuss the impact of variants and vaccines on EMS operations.

USFA: Indiana On-Duty Death

Captain Martin “Marty” Meyers contracted COVID-19 at the fire department.

COVID-19 Claims Kokomo, Indiana Firefighter

Meyers, 50, had been in the intensive care unit due to complications with COVID-19 since last month.

USFA: Pennsylvania On-Duty Death

Philadelphia Fire Boat Pilot John Evans contracted COVID-19.

Storms, Power Outages Bring Additional Risks During Pandemic

The storms that have disrupted social distancing precautions and thrown people from different households together have also undermined the nation's vaccination drive.

USFA: Kentucky On-Duty Death

Chief dies from COVID-19 while attending meetings.

January 2021 On-Duty Deaths

A total of 14 firefighters suffered on-duty deaths in the first month of 2021.


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