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Florida Commissioner Proposes Injecting First Responders to Create COVID-19 Antibody

Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola proposed infecting first responders with the virus to develop antibodies.

Rhodium Aides University Efforts to Recall Students Abroad Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The University of Arkansas Police Department utilized the Rhodium Incident Management Suite to coordinate the successful recall of roughly 100 students, staff, and faculty working and studying in Italy.

Report: FDNY EMS Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

An FDNY EMS member who works is Brooklyn has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, forcing several of that person’s coworkers to undergo a mandatory quarantine, officials said.

Coronavirus Screening Available Now in ImageTrend Elite

ImageTrend, Inc. is monitoring the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak closely and is committed to ensuring prehospital screening and documentation fits the evolving needs of our providers and their communities.


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