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Engage Your Retirees: Start an Emeritus Program

Retirees can be a great cheerleader to the department and offer great benefits when it comes to dealing with the public, municipal leadership, and elected officials.

Commentary: What Ever Happened to the Way We Fought Fires?

For them, it wasn’t an option. The situation warranted a rapid attack and to put the fire out.

A Family Dynamic, Part II

The pathway from the Rookie to the Senior Firefighter is the same as the pathway from a child to an adult.

Fire Service Wins and Losses

To date, the American fire service has not officially collected the number of or means of which civilians are rescued at fires.

Main Street Hazards “Checked Off”

If you get into the facts and study an event like this you will find outstanding work for what some may say was just a foundation save.

Evaluating to Core Values

By evaluating employees against the core values, it allows them to become a living set of principles.

Slow The Game Down

One firefighter used to say, “Why should I get excited, I didn’t set the fire.” There is some wisdom in that statement.

This One Heart Test Might Save Your Life

I went to work and asked every firefighter I came in contact with if they had heard of this test. Nobody had. Zero.

Ten Windows

Be smarter than just throwing ladders because you carry them.

Illinois Squad Dedicated to Retired Deputy, FDIC Instructor, and Fire Engineering Contributor

Chief Stott was not only the lead building this vehicle, but also on bringing the “FDNY Rescue” concept to Illinois.


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