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Coordinated Fire Attack: Strip Malls

The "Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Ventilation on Strip Mall Fires" report provides a fire dynamics analysis of each experiment.

LODD Anniversary: 10 Firefighters Killed in Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

2013 blast killed 9 volunteer firefighters and injured an off-duty captain.

UL FSRI Releases Research Report on Coordinated Fire Attack in Commercial Malls

Expanding on previous research to understand the impact of coordinated suppression and ventilation during a commercial strip mall fire.

Several Fire Departments Respond to Sauget, IL Warehouse Blaze

Smoke from the fire in Sauget could be seen for miles.

Los Angeles Commercial Structure Fire

Concern about structural integrity lead to a switch to defensive operations at this dollar store.

South L.A. Greater Alarm Fire

Mounting an aggressive fire attack with a primary search of the structure, crews were pushed back by deteriorating conditions.

Maryland Restaurant Fire

Firefighters battle a two-alarm fire in a commercial structure in Lexington Park, Maryland.

Manhattan Restaurant Fire

Sprinklers knock down the main body of fire at Box 1138.

Firefighter Falls Through Roof at New Jersey Fire

A firefighter received minor injuries after falling through the roof of a burning building in Paterson, new Jersey.

LODD Anniversary: Battalion Chief, Firefighter Killed, 29 Firefighters Injured in Pennsylvania Church Fire

A backdraft occurred earlier in the incident that injured an additional six fire fighters.


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