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USFA: Colorado On-Duty Death

Technician Jeffrey Billingsley, 42, of the Denver (CO) Fire Department.

Forced Medication Approved for Wildfire Suspect

A psychiatrist recently recommended that he be forcibly medicated.

Shooting in Denver, CO, Nightlife Zone Leaves One Dead, Five Wounded

The shooting happened at about 2 a.m. Sunday on a corner near a music hall and a nightclub in the city's Lower Downtown area.

Two Rescued at Fatal CO House Fire

Multiple crews responded to a house fire Sunday in Evans that resulted in the death of one person and injury to two others.

Forced Medication Recommended for Spring Creek Fire Arsonist

A psychiatrist has recommended that a mentally ill Danish man accused of starting a wildfire that burned 149 homes should be forcibly medicated.

Woman Dead, Three Missing After Flooding in CO Burn Area

At least five houses were destroyed, and a private bridge was damaged in the flooding.
Greeley CO Fire Department

Man Covered in Blood Faces Charges for Punching Greeley (CO) Firefighter

A 21-year-old man is facing a 2nd degree assault on a charge after punching a responding firefighter in the face.

Man Convicted of Vehicular Homicide After Livestreaming High-Speed Crash

A jury in Adams County found 44-year-old Bryan Kirby guilty Thursday in the 2018 crash.

Man Throws Improvised Explosive Device Near Boulder Fire Station, Gets Arrested

Mark Stephen Szyperek was arrested on suspicion of four counts of attempted first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, fourth-degree arson, and possession of explosives.


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