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Training for Using the Clean Cab

"These are the engines we've got so we need to do our best with them."

St. Petersburg, Florida’s Three New Impel® Pumpers

Lieutenant Todd Gordon explains the features of these new fire engines.

Take a Look: South Metro Fire, CO New Chief’s Vehicle

Transitioning to the new color scheme and seeing a lot of the customization done by the department shop.

Southern Platte, MO Velocity® 100’ Heavy Duty Aluminum Platform

The department went with a true clean cab including vinyl seating and aluminum treadplate flooring, both providing an easy wipe down.

Short Wheelbase for Boulder Creek, CA Enforcerâ„¢ Pumper

Look at this new Pierce fire engine for the Boulder Creek Fire District in California.

Indianapolis Ascendant® 110’ Heavy-Duty Platform

The Indianapolis Fire Department incorporated the clean cab concept as part of the CARE initiative within their Enforcer chassis.


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