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Wichita Firefighters Save One of Their Own at House Fire

Two firefighters carried him out of the home within 20 seconds, but he had no pulse and wasn't breathing.

NIOSH: Sudden Cardiac Event Claims Illinois Firefighter at Home after Shift

Autopsy findings included cardiomegaly, biventricular myocardial thickening, and left ventricular dilation. Two main arteries had calcified atherosclerotic plaque. The left anterior descending artery had significant stenosis.

USFA: North Carolina On-Duty Death

LaGrange firefighter suffered a heart attack at home.

Ohio Firefighter Dies after Collapsing on Fireground

Nelsonville Division of Fire, in Ohio, reports on the death of one if its firefighters during a structure fire.

NIOSH: Pennsylvania Airport Firefighter Suffers Heart Attack During Response

Firefighter failed to respond to a call and was found unconscious on the hallway floor.

USFA: Alabama On-Duty Death

Midfield fire chief suffers a heart attack during his lunch break.

NIOSH: New Jersey Firefighter Suffers Seizure, Cardiac Arrest During Training

The firefighter's past medical history was significant for epilepsy and smoking.

NIOSH: Michigan Firefighter Suffers Heart Attack After Two Fires

The firefighter admitted that he was nauseous, had a tingling sensation in his arm, and had chest pain.

USFA: Colorado On-Duty Death

Chief Riley experienced a heart attack while working at the scene of an automobile accident.

USFA: South Carolina On-Duty Death

Chief McNeill, Jr., suffered a heart attack after a cancelled call.


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