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Heart Attack Claims Pennsylvania Firefighter During Fire

Ginter suffered a heart attack while working at a fill site during a chicken house fire in Pennsylvania.

USFA: Focus on Your Heart

Over half of firefighter fatalities in 2019 were cardiac- or cerebrovascular-related.

Heart Health, Firefighter Fatalities, and Fitness

The American fire service has struggled for years with firefighters succumbing to cardiac events.

Wichita Firefighter in Cardiac ICU after Apartment Fire

The original 911 call indicated someone might have been trapped inside.

Georgia Firefighter Found Dead at Home

Jurgens will be remembered for his upbeat presence, his commitment to honing his firefighting and EMT skills and a desire to bring out the best in those around him.

USFA: Illinois On-Duty Death

To date, 84 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2020.
Scales Mound, Captain Leo Werner Fire Fighter Helmet

Heart Attack Claims Illinois Firefighter

Scales Mound Fire Protection District captain dies at home after an EMS call.

USFA: New York On-Duty Death

He was found deceased from an apparent heart attack the next morning.

USFA: Washington On-Duty Death

Basso was driving in the downtown area of Kalama when his vehicle collided with several parked vehicles.

Heart Attack Claims Washington Firefighter

Basso, 59, died of a heart attack about four hours after responding to two medical emergency calls.


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