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Vancouver Firefighters Rescue Driver Trapped in Freight Elevator

Extrication work inside a dealership elevator.

Royal Fire-Rescue’s New Heavy Rescue

An 18' aluminum SVI body mounted on a 24" raised roof Spartan Metro Star chassis.

Fire Hall and Housing Colocation Project a First for Vancouver

The 36,000 sq. ft of housing within the project is in partnership with the YWCA.

Canada’s Department of National Defense Takes Delivery of an E-ONE TITAN ARFF Vehicle and...

DND is a driving force in the ARFF industry with more than 50 E-ONE vehicles in service throughout Canada.

Ricin Letters Sent to White House and Texas Law Enforcement Agencies

Woman arrested at U.S., Canada border crossing in New York.

Ontario Townhouse Fire

Construction site fire in Kitchener.

New Brunswick Four-Alarm Fire

Saint John firefighters battle a townhouse fire on McLaren Boulevard.

Winnipeg Fire Department’s New E-ONE HP 100 Platform

Running with the clean cab concept in downtown Winnipeg.

Canadian Firefighters Injured in House Fire Explosion

Firefighters were moving a hoseline to the side of the house when the explosion occurred.

Canadian Acrobatic Jet Crashes During Flyover

The crash left debris scattered across the neighborhood near the airport in the city of Kamloops.


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