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Houston Firefighters Injured in Collapse During House Fire

Three Houston firefighters were hospitalized after being caught in a partial collapse during a Wednesday morning house fire.

Texas Chief, Firefighters Avoid Being Caught in Roof Collapse

Four firefighters were caught in a roof collapse during a house fire in Upshur County, Texas.

Michigan Firefighter Falls Through Floor at House Fire

A mayday was called after a firefighter fell through the floor and into the basement at a house fire in Warren, Michigan.

Mayday at Pennsylvania School Fire

A firefighter was injured in a collapse during a school fire in Allentown on Wednesday morning.

Glendale Mayday, After Action Review

The subsequent actions by poised, prepared and well-trained firefighters, helped to quickly rescue and reduce more serious injuries to our firefighters.

Through the Floor: Glendale, CA Mayday, After Action Report

The Glendale Fire Department mayday after action report of a fire in January where two firefighters fell into the basement.

Humpday Hangout: Attic and Cockloft Fires

This week’s group looks at their own experiences, attic and cockloft strategies, and construction.

Fire Destroys Iowa Retirement Home Construction Site

Strong winds hampered firefighting operations in West Des Moines.

LODD Anniversary: South Dakota Firefighter Killed in Floor Collapse

April 12, 2015, a volunteer fire fighter died in a floor collapse while working above a residential basement fire.

California Firefighters Caught in Collapse

Firefighters were caught in a collapse while battling a house fire in El Cajon.


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