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Virginia Firefighter Hurt in House Fire Collapse

Roanoke firefighter injured during early morning house fire.

LODD Anniversary: Missouri Firefighters Killed in Collapse

Two dead and two injured on this day in 2015.

Pittsburgh Firefighters Injured in Collapse

“We went from an offensive interior attack and we transitioned after the interior collapse that trapped a couple of our men,”

Utica, NY Deputy Chief Injured in Collapse

Utica deputy chief is caught in a stairway collapse.

Rescue at Atlanta Parking Deck Collapse

Airbags and crane used to free trapped worker.

LODD Anniversary: Parapet Collapse Kills Vermont Firefighter

Several things happened simultaneously during the parapet collapse at this Vermont warehouse fire in 1998.

Ontario Townhouse Fire

Construction site fire in Kitchener.

LODD Anniversary: Bronx Dollar Store Fire

On August 27, 2006, a 43-year-old male career Lieutenant and a 25-year-old male fire fighter died after the floor they were operating on collapsed at a commercial structure fire.

Fire Engulfs Phoenix Apartment Building Under Construction

Several videos from the fireground of a construction site fire in Phoenix.

Collapse of Abandoned Structure in Brooklyn

Unable to perform searches on the second and third floors due to the stability of the building.


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