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Nine Dead, Eight Hurt in Building Collapse in South Korea

A five-story building being demolished in southern South Korea collapsed on Wednesday, sending debris falling on a bus.

Mayday at Connecticut House Fire, Firefighters Fall Through Floor

During firefighting operations two firefighters on the second floor fell through the floor and a mayday was called.

The Anatomy of Building Construction

It all starts in the street; diligent, consistent and intrusive observations, and discussions following the stages of construction.

LODD Anniversary: Houston Southwest Inn Fire

Review lessons learned on the anniversary of a commercial structure fire that claimed four firefighters and injured several others.

Yesterday’s Building Fires for Today’s Streets and Buildings

Aesthetic design changes (non-structural and non-functional) to facades, perimeter walls, features or design elements may create operational challenges, increased risks as well as a false sense of integrity or diminished importance, decreased risk or focused attention.

Construction Concerns: Modern Materials

Gregory Havel offers this insightful look at how modern building materials shape and alter fire departments' tactics, size-ups, and expectations today.

The Schnitzel Fire

Lessons learned from a commercial structure fire in San Diego.

3D Printing Moves into Residential Construction

In Mighty Buildings’ factory warehouse in Oakland, Calif., a 3D printer deposits thin layers of a stone-like material that quickly hardens under ultraviolet light and resists fire and water.

Close Call at Charlotte House Fire

Several firefighters were inside the home when the second floor collapsed.

LODD Anniversary: Wyoming Firefighters Killed in Smoke Explosion at Townhouse Fire

Two Wisconsin firefighters were killed in an explosion while searching for children reported to be on the second floor.


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