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Massachusetts Fire Department Trains on New Brush Breaker

The drill also included area familiarization, off-road driver operations, wooded area maneuvering using a map, learning how to winch out vehicles, as well as drafting from local water sources.

Santa Fe County’s New SVI, Dodge Ram Mini Pumper

Santa Fe County, NM Fire Department chose a 9' aluminum SVI body mounted on a Dodge Ram 5500 Crew Cab chassis, which houses a 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel engine.

Fire Overruns North Dakota Brush Truck

While crews were fighting the fire the wind shifted and flames rapidly overtook one of the trucks and firefighters had to evacuate.

Grass Fire Destroys Oklahoma Fire Department Brush Truck

The Freedom Hill Volunteer Fire Department had two firefighters in the brush truck when they drove got stuck and ran out of water.

New Brush Trucks for Virginia Fire Departments

Take a look at two new brush trucks coming to Loudoun County, Virginia.

Iowa Combine Fire

Respond with the Battle Creek Volunteer Fire Department to this fire.

Colorado Brush 22 & Fan 3

Look at these two pieces of South Metro Fire Rescue apparatus.

Brush Truck Destroyed, Firefighters Injured in Texas Brush Fire

Dozers and helicopter were used in the brush fire in Aransas Pass, Texas.

Golden, Colorado Brush Truck Training

Training on Brush 21 with Golden Fire Rescue Fire Mechanic Kyle Raley.

Front Range Fire Rescue, CO SVI Type IV Wildland Unit

A Darley 1.5AGE Fast-Attack 2 Pump with a 300-gal. poly water tank.


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