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Rescues at Bronx Three-Alarm Fire

11 people hurt, three seriously, in a three-alarm fire in the Bronx Wednesday morning.

Girl Jumps from Sixth Floor to Escape Bronx Fire

Seven firefighters hurt in Bronx fire where girl jumps from the sixth floor.

FDNY’s New Tower Ladder 46 Seagrave

Take a look at the first of the new Seagraves coming to the department.

“Urgent! All Members Off the Top Floor.”

Watch the FDNY battling a ferociously fast moving, wind-driven, four-alarm fire in a multiple dwelling on West 183rd Street in the University Heights area of the Bronx.

Fire on Three Floors in the Bronx

FDNY fights fire on three floors and in the cockloft at a Bronx apartment building.

Bronx Box 3013, Fire in Two Private Dwellings

Videos of a second-alarm fire in two private dwellings in the Bronx.

Firefighters Hurt in Fatal Three-Alarm Bronx Blaze

One person is dead following a three-alarm apartment fire in the Bronx.

Firefighters Face Hoarding Conditions at Bronx Fire

Firefighters face hoarding conditions at a first floor fire in the Bronx.

Explosion at Bronx Private Dwelling

Explosion injured six people and blew a door into power lines across the street.


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