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Nashville Bomber Driven by Conspiracies, Paranoia

FBI closes investigation of Christmas Day bombing in Nashville.

Six Hurt in Explosion of Homemade Device at Michigan High School

A teenager brought a homemade explosive device to a western Michigan high school and accidentally detonated it in class.

Live Pipe Bomb Found at Iowa Polling Place

Bomb found as voters were casting ballots in a special election.

Four Convicted in ’93 WTC Bombing Have Sentences Reduced

Once each sentenced to 240 years in prison, appeals have won them sentence deductions

Texas Fire Association Bomb Squad Finds Explosive Materials in Hurst Apartment

Northeast Fire Department Association bomb squad arrived, searched the apartment and discovered the explosive materials.

USFA: Prepare for Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices

The high potential for loss of life and property in these types of incidents highlights the importance of first responders' preparedness.

FBI Investigates Explosion at Known Anti-LGTBQ Church in California

Protestors have repeatedly targeted the church.

FBI Criticized for Avoiding Terror Label in Nashville Bombing

“When we assess an event for domestic terrorism nexus, it has to be tied to an ideology."

Arrest in New York City Mall Bomb Hoax

The Tesla in Monday's episode was found parked halfway up the garage’s circular ramp.

Nashville Explosion Believed to be Intentional

A suspicious vehicle exploded in downtown Nashville before a hazmat team arrived.


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