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Halton: Courage, Truth, and Virtue

On Thursday at the FDIC International 2021 Opening Ceremony Day 2, FDIC Education Director Bobby Halton spoke on "Courage, Truth, and Virtue."

Halton: God and Country

At the FDIC International 2021 Opening Ceremony in Indianapolis this morning, FDIC Education Director Bobby Halton spoke on “God and Country."

Engine Work: Foam, Dollar Stores, and Long Stretches

There's a little bit of everything in this engine company discussion.

Fire Training & FDIC

A discussion about the value of firefighter training and how to become an FDIC International presenter.

Fire Department Response to Civil Unrest

A discussion with FDNY battalion chief Steve Marsar about lessons learned from recent protests and riots.

Fast Attack with Tank Water vs. Laying In

Does your fire department permit/encourage engine companies to initiate fire attack with tank water and rely on a subsequent arriving engine to lay in a supply line?

Fighting “Outside-In” Fires

Fire officers from different departments discuss outside-in fires and the strategies and tactics they use in their area.

The Wingspread Conference

A discussion with Bruce Varner and Dennis Rubin about the Wingspread Conference.

ISFSI and Mentoring

The new mentoring program from the International Society of Fire Service Instructors.

The Successful Fire Department: Planning, Budgeting and Execution

April 14: Learn from two of America’s most successful chiefs how they navigated the budgeting processes and secured the supplies and equipment needed to keep their organization world class.


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