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Engine Work: Foam, Dollar Stores, and Long Stretches

There's a little bit of everything in this engine company discussion.

Fire Training & FDIC

A discussion about the value of firefighter training and how to become an FDIC International presenter.

Fire Department Response to Civil Unrest

A discussion with FDNY battalion chief Steve Marsar about lessons learned from recent protests and riots.

Fast Attack with Tank Water vs. Laying In

Does your fire department permit/encourage engine companies to initiate fire attack with tank water and rely on a subsequent arriving engine to lay in a supply line?

Fighting “Outside-In” Fires

Fire officers from different departments discuss outside-in fires and the strategies and tactics they use in their area.

The Wingspread Conference

A discussion with Bruce Varner and Dennis Rubin about the Wingspread Conference.

ISFSI and Mentoring

The new mentoring program from the International Society of Fire Service Instructors.

The Successful Fire Department: Planning, Budgeting and Execution

April 14: Learn from two of America’s most successful chiefs how they navigated the budgeting processes and secured the supplies and equipment needed to keep their organization world class.

Company Officer Decision Making

A discussion about training company officers on the decision making process, including the OODA loop and situational awareness.

Getting Firefighters Back to Work after COVID-19

The medical complications of COVID-19 as they relate to firefighters as well as the stress of COVID-19 on the healthcare system.


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