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Montana Firefighting Aircraft Grounded after Helicopter Crash

The helicopter that crashed was one of two the agency deployed to help fight the fire near Townsend, which has burned 7 square miles and destroyed a house, a cabin and 6 outbuildings.

Four Dead in Florida Firefighting Helicopter Crash

No survivors found after a firefighting helicopter crashes during training in Leesburg, Florida.

No Injuries in Midair Collision Near Denver

One plane nearly ripped in half during a midair collision at a Denver suburb.

Four Dead When Plane Crashes into Mississippi Home

A small plane crashed into a Mississippi home, killing one of the home's four occupants and three Texas residents.

Global SuperTanker May Be Sold as Freight Carrier

The investment firm is open to potential investors who want to continue using the SuperTanker for wildfire response, but if freight companies present a more attractive offer, the firm will sell it to them.

Global Super Tanker 747 Shut Down as Wildfire Season Begins

Investor group shuts down operations during talks with prospective buyers.

Photo Gallery: San Diego Technical Rescue Training

San Diego firefighters underwent 24 hours of classroom and hands-on training provided by the Riverside Fire Department on equine rescue lifting.

Debris Falls from United Airlines Flight Before Emergency Landing in Denver

Debris fell onto Denver suburbs during an emergency landing after one of its engines suffered a catastrophic failure.

National Guard Members Killed in Helicopter Crash in New York

A helicopter on a training flight crashed, killing three National Guard members.

Three Killed in Michigan Plane Crash

Five people inside the Lyon Township home were able to avoid injury.


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