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New Pierce Impel® Pumper for Fayetteville, Arkansas

All hoselines off the back in Fayetteville.

USFA: Arkansas On-Duty Death

He was found unresponsive in his vehicle and firefighters immediately performed CPR.

Millions Endure Record Cold Without Power

The weather also threatened to affect the nation's COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Little Rock Battalion Chief Dies During House Fire

During overhaul Battalion Chief Karriem was found unresponsive in his vehicle.

Bentonville, AR E-ONE Non-Walk-In Rescue

Battalion Chief Jeremy Metcalf tells us about his department’s new rescue.

Brookland, Arkansas Firefighter Injured in Training Fall

A disoriented firefighter stepped out of a window thinking it was a door.

Video Captures Arkansas Fire Engine Crash

Surveillance video from a business shows the fire engine coming to a spinning stop and nearly overturning.


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