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MA Firefighters Livid Over Decision to Continue Use of PFAS in PPE

The decision means that cancer-causing chemicals will remain virtually required in PPE.

FL Woman Drinks ‘Elixir of Life,’ Attempts to Steal Apparatus, Gets Arrested

She was arrested for grand theft auto and resisting law enforcement officers.

Fire Truck Rollover Injures Firefighter During Grass Fire Response in Oakley, CA

About 20 minutes into the response, a water truck driven by a firefighter managed to roll onto its roof.

American Medical Response Ambulance Involved in Hartford, CT, Crash

It's unclear what caused the crash, but the ambulance was on its way to an emergency call.

York City (PA) Fire Department Firefighter Trapped in Apparatus After Collision

The firefighter’s fire rescue car and a blue Nissan Rogue collided.

Downtown Fresno, CA, Crash Leaves Ambulance on Its Side

The crash—between a pickup truck and the apparatus—happened in the morning near Mono and H streets.

Firefighting Boat Aims to Make a Stretch of the Columbia River (WA) Safer

They plan to use it to aid two other counties in the region that don't have a similar boat.

Flint Hill (SC) Fire Department Apparatus Destroyed by Tractor Trailer

No firefighters, EMS, or police officers were injured.

Authorities Attack MN Wildfire from Air and Ground

Authorities fought a northeastern Minnesota wildfire from the air and on the ground Tuesday.


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