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Illinois Fire Department Uses Fans, Water to Save Stranded Chickens

The medics knew the garden hose wouldn’t be enough to keep the chickens cool enough to survive the heat.

Over Two Dozen Dogs Dead in Wisconsin Fire

Fourteen adult dogs and 12 puppies, along with two cats, died from smoke inhalation.

Texas Man Killed in Aggressive Swarm of Bees

Breckenridge Fire Department said first responders faced “very aggressive bee activity” when they arrived at the home.

African Cat Bites Firefighter in Washington House Fire

A Clark County, Washington firefighter was bit by an African Serval cat during a house fire.

Photo Gallery: San Diego Technical Rescue Training

San Diego firefighters underwent 24 hours of classroom and hands-on training provided by the Riverside Fire Department on equine rescue lifting.

Chicago Firehouses Ordered to Remove Dogs after Attack

A woman was walking her small dog in front of the station when Bones attacked it.

Rescues at Massachusetts Fire and “Animal MCI”

A man was trapped in a third-floor bedroom and jumped onto the ladder as soon as it was placed below the window.

Tennessee Firefighters Rescue Horses Trapped in Barn Collapse

Crews were able to cut a path into the structure and stabilize it as they moved in.

Missouri Firefighters Rescue Horse Trapped in Icy Pond

Molly was slid onto a Sked and then moved into a horse trailer for transport.

Helmet Cam: Dog Rescue at Maryland Fire

Firefighters rescue a dog in a Maryland house fire.


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