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Abandoned Structure

Bronx All-Hands Fire

Fire at Box 3308 for Lorillard Place in an abandoned dwelling.

Squatter Rescued in San Antonio Fire

San Antonio firefighters pulled squatter out from a burning house.

Command View: Newark, OH Fire

Respond and view this Newark, Ohio house fire as the incident commander.

LAFD Battles Fire in an Abandoned Building

Firefighters withdrew from the interior due to deteriorating conditions and began a transitional attack at this Hollywood fire.

Battalion Chief Cam

View this Oklahoma City fire from the battalion chief’s perspective.

Video: Dallas Firefighter Caught in Collapse

Video shows a Dallas firefighter being caught in a fiery exterior collapse while battling an abandoned building fire.

Baltimore Firefighters Fall into Basement in Rowhouse Fire

Four firefighters caught in a probable floor collapse while fighting a fire in a possible abandoned rowhouse.


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